Consulting Services for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Your Organization, Your Writing, and Your Life

I’m Melissa Hillman, PhD, and I have decades of experience helping professionals and companies achieve their goals in diversity, equity,and inclusion.

BUSINESSES AND CORPORATIONS. I can help you reshape the story of your organization to one of recognized industry leadership in DEI issues. This can include:

  • Private consultations with leadership
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of current strengths and growth areas
  • Analysis of public-facing narrative
  • Staff diversity trainings
  • ADA compliance assessments

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Education and the arts are my specialty.

Whether you’re a playwright looking to develop your very first script or you’re the flagship LORT in your area, I can help you.


I have decades of experience specializing in DEI-focused programming and can give you deep support in making your programming (as well as your marketing, fundraising, and internal policies and communications) anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-sexist, and anti-trans/queerphobic.

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I have many years of experience helping writers and artists develop their work. I’m happy to provide you with DEI-focused support, general support, or both. Sliding scale rates available.

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As an educator with a PhD and decades of experience in university, high school, and adult education, I can help you shape the story of your lesson, course, department, school, or university.

I can provide you with all levels of support whether you’re a classroom teacher looking for a personal consultation on a single lesson or a Dean looking for a comprehensive, organization-wide DEI assessment and multi-pronged approach.

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