Pictured: Melissa Hillman, a redhead with short bangs, black-framed glasses, and red lipstick, gazes up and to the left at a small statue of a wampa, a creature from Star Wars.
I love wampas

I’m Melissa Hillman.

I’ve spent my life immersed in education, DEI, and the arts.

My intersectional identity is a mixed bag. I’m a white cisgender woman with a college education. Understanding what that means within our cultural context and learning how I can be a better ally have been lifelong pursuits. Even with so much cultural privilege, there are aspects of my identity that are marginalized. In my 30s, I became a PWD– a person with a disability– which opened my eyes to the depth of the unconscious ableism that permeates our culture.

I have a PhD in Dramatic Art from UC Berkeley with a specialization in race & gender in new work. I’ve spent almost 30 years teaching university classes, high school classes, and adult education classes. I also have over 20 years of experience in nonprofit arts management and leadership, including every aspect of organizational development, such as talent acquisition and retention, outreach to underserved audiences, program and project management, grantwriting, and branding and marketing.

I’ve served on numerous panels and published widely on diversity, equity, and inclusion in theatre, film, and education.

I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, where my family has lived since 1900, but I’m available for online consultations worldwide!

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