Education Consulting

I’ve spent my life in education, with extensive experience teaching high school, university, grad school, and adult education. I can provide a practical, results-focused approach to your educational organization’s DEI strategies. Whether you’re looking for support for an existing strategy or need something developed from scratch, I can provide solutions that meet you where you are.

  • Distance Learning/Online Education
    • Best practices to reduce inequities in virtual classrooms
  • Private consultations with leadership
    • Learn to better understand the issues that face your staff
    • Become an inspirational, forward-facing leader
    • Improve your talent acquisition & retention with DEI-focused best practices
    • Make your school or department a leader in DEI
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of current strengths and growth areas
    • Data gathering and analysis to give you a clear picture where you’re already succeeding and where your growth edges are
    • Data gathering tools you can use for years to compile longitudinal studies, measuring your success over time
  • Curriculum assessment and development
    • Evaluating existing curriculum, developing new curriculum, working with staff on anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-sexist, anti-transphobic, inclusive approaches to curriculum design
  • Analysis of public-facing narrative
    • Providing practical feedback on websites, ads, and any public-facing content to bring your narratives in alignment with your values and goals
  • Creating DEI resources for staff, students, and families
    • Working with affinity groups
    • Understanding how to provide differentiated support for different needs in your learning community
    • Engaging your students and families in creating a truly inclusive learning community
  • Staff diversity trainings
    • Anything from a one-hour one shot to a more comprehensive program
    • Helping white staff understand whiteness in cultural context and work towards anti-racist classrooms and an anti-racist workplace
    • Understanding ableism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and how intersectional identities impact your classroom
    • Anti-bias classroom management techniques
    • Generalized tools staff can use right away or targeted intervention to address a specific issue
  • ADA compliance assessments
    • As a person with a mobility disability, my expertise in this area can provide you with practical feedback about your classrooms, labs, workspaces, curriculum, policies, and more

I have sliding rates for individual educators!

Contact me for more information, including rates.